Friday, February 26, 2010

License to File...

In the early days of this blog, it got some national attention thanks to an exchange of motions. The first was filed by a local, well-respected firm. My response was posted underneath. For those who missed it, learned defense counsel was attempting to prevent me from using my English accent in trial.

Sadly, these people don't seem to have learned and have once again drafted a legal filing that needed some very close scrutiny. Subject: James Bond.

Naturally, I had to draft a response to enlighten my friend, Mr. Bennett:

Any other Daniel Craig fans?

(Killjoys please note: these were not filed with the court, are intended for entertainment only, and consumed no public resources etc etc).


  1. Oh come now! We Americans have had some cool real-life heroes!

    First, there were George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin... but maybe you have your reasons for not mentioning those guys. Dwight D Eisenhower then! Surely you think our 34th president was the coolest, badest ass hero ever! He and Joseph Stalin saved yalls teadrinking, cricket playing asses from the Nazis. That's gotta be worth something!

  2. Hmm...that comment from anonymous could get several balls rollings, no doubt. But then history is dependent upon perspective - one country's hero is another country's villain.

    Anyway, I am new to this blog - so this is quite interesting. Though you know, I wouldn't put it past someone to attempt a motion like that for real. World is full of crazy people, when you can sue McDonald because coffee was too hot, and actually win. I miss good old days of common sense.

  3. Anon @9:28: Well sure, you have REAL heroes, the question is whether you have someone of Bond's calibre, a fictional yet realistic crime fighter. Inspector Gadget, maybe? :)

    Dolly: Agreed, common sense is under-rated and under-used, it sometimes seems. Although I'm sure I have lapses of my own on that score...

  4. Entertained I am. Sadly, family lawyers seem to have no sense of humor. Well. I have a sense of humor, but nobody else seems to, so I am alone.

    I'd have to agree with the ranking of Craig and then Connery. Although, being descended from the Scots, I feel slightly as though I am betraying my heritage.

  5. Those are great. Would be even funnier if filed with the court. I would like to have seen the judge's response. As for me, as long as the Bond girls are hot, I don't really have much of a preference for Bond himself.

  6. Craig is also Scots. So, your two best English spies are both Scots!


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