Monday, February 22, 2010

Room with a View

And by room, I mean office.

I forget which kindly reader said he/she wanted to see out of my office window, the same delightful view I get every day of the DA's office on one side, and the jail on the other, a small patch of sky between them.

Not that I've been complaining (have I?) because I moved in here from another office with no window. Not only that, it was beside the bathroom so you could hear the blasted toilets flushing fifty times a day, followed by the gush of the taps and then the roar of the paper towels being pulled from the dispenser.

Of course, it creeped me out most when I heard the toilet flush, then didn't hear the taps run and paper towels being used. It's your office now, Kelsey m'dear, but you can come look at my view when the flushing gets too much

Photo 1: My feet enjoying the jail, to the right. And yes, those are cowboy boots.

Photo 2: Jail to the right, DA's office to the left, my feet under the desk.


  1. I requested the photos, DAC; funny how you post photos of the view from the DA's office on the same day I go down to the court house for the first time.

    I went down and saw some of the Gobert trial this morning; do you think you can make a post about the factors that help the DA's office decide whether or not to go for Capital Murder? I also thought the lead prosecutor (can't recall his name) did an excellent job this morning with his opening statement. An interview with him would be really interesting to read.

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Next time drop me a line, I'll come out of my den and say hello. :)


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