Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time for a round-up

I haven't scoured the globe for fun and interesting criminal news for a while, so here goes.

First up is the latest crime fighting tool: snow. Seriously. It worked in Baltimore, for a whole week.

On to drugs, and it strikes me that this is a bad headline to throw in front of people who already suffer from anxiety.

This isn't a crime but man, it should be. You may know of my history as a newspaper reporter, my distaste for current news reporting trends (spin, sensationalism, etc etc) but you'll be happy to know there is a news reporter out there determined to remain objective.
And for this, he got fired. Not kidding.

Wow, I knew crimes was down, and the New York has done a great job of reducing violence. But now it seems the subway cops are so bored they are cracking down on people who put their feet on the seats. Someone should open a donut shop underground.

I have several questions: who steals a snake from a petting zoo? If doing so is grand theft, what is it if you steal a goat? And aren't all nine-foot snakes "reptiles of concern"?

When I first read that this British dude, I mean "chap," confessed to killing his lover on air, during a show about euthanasia, I wondered to myself, "That seems like a silly thing to say on air." Then I thought, "Well, maybe it's because I'm a prosecutor, I'm just being harsh." Apparently others were thinking like me.

And I end with some good news, for a local guy and partly thanks to the DA's office. The man who had his lottery winnings stolen by a sneaky convenience store clerk gets some comfort, and seems pretty happy about it.

And that's all for now, folks.


  1. Bravo for the cop who ticketed a guy for putting his feet up on a subway train seat.

    I am tried of people putting their feet where they don't belong. I go into a movie theater and shoes are hanging over a seat where someone is going to put their head. Sometimes the shoe ends up on a seat cushion or arm rest.

    I don't want to rest my head against a cushion that had a shoe on it or sit on a seat that is dirty.

  2. Hey, it could have been worse. The officers could be doing a full custodial arrest and booking for eating a french fry. By a 12 year old.

    Also, theft of a single goat is explicitly defined in the Texas Penal Code as a State Jail Felony. 31.03(e)(4)(A).

    However, if the goat fits under the definition of "exotic livestock", or 10 or more head are taken then it's a 3rd degree felony. 31.03(e)(5)(A)

    (Did I mention that the county I work in is pretty rural?)


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