Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Writing

I wanted to do something a little different this week, inspired perhaps by the fact that I just sent off the final draft of my own thriller to my agent, for submission to publishers starting next week. I know, exciting isn't it? Please send good vibes my way. :)

Anyway, because of this event, this week's blog post is as much about the writing as the thrilling, although the author is perhaps one of the greatest ever for providing thrills (and even more chills): Stephen King. You see, he wrote a wonderful book that has become a favorite of thousands of budding authors, a book that is both advice on writing and at the same time his autobiography.

The book is called ON WRITING, and like all his work it's written in a straightforward, delightful to read style. So if you want to know about the man, how he wrote his books and how he thinks we should write ours, then get this one.


  1. Whenever I need inspiration I pick it up. Highly recommend it, even if one is not a fan of King's books.

  2. Don't tell anyone, but I've never read any others of his! I know, potential sacrilege, but I say that to agree with you: even if you're not a King fan, it's a wonderful book.

  3. I've read the majority of King's books, and they range from some of my favorite to absolute drivel. The Stand is very good, as are some of his short stories. I don't think he's written anything of worth in the last 15 years or so though. "Blaze", in particular, was awful. It's one of the only books I've EVER started and been unable to finish.

  4. I've read tons of King's books, but not this one. Guess I should.

  5. On Writing is one of about five non law books I have on my desk in my law office--along with Lonesome Dove, John Hill's account of his AG days, a biography of Judge William Wayne Justice, and a few others. King's writing advice is highly relevant to all kinds of writing.


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